Asante Sana Holy Family Staff, Bell Park, Victoria... rafiki zetu....

Thank you so much Holy Family School staff......our friends!

With your generosity you have given us the gift of language. The Kiswahili/English dictionaries you donated to us with your 2011 Xmas Kris Kringle money will be appreciated for a lifetime! We have progressed from Pre Formal class into Form 1 and are excitedly looking forward to learning all our subjects in English. The new buildings will be completed this week. One of them is our dormitory. We have been day girls this past two weeks however, Jumapili hii, this Sunday, we come to SEGA with a change of clothes and our soap .... and sleepover....the first of many more!!

Holy Family staff, we will remember you. You are now a part of our family.
Asante SANA rafiki zetu.

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