2011 ends in Tanzania.....

Our wonderfully enterprising Form 2 girls managed to sell their entire tie died t-shirts and were only left with 12 plain white shirts in stock.  A result wrested from a journey which had nurtured many skills and ultimately pride in themselves for achieving a result they thought unattainable on that first day in the marketing arena!  The girls had also been given an invitation to partake in the Morogoro International School’s market day. Jen, a friend of mine and teacher at the school, was organizing this annual event. On hearing of the girls’ enterprising endeavor she donated their stall in support of their cause. We spent some time teaching the girls how to weave friendship bands and simple jewellery from the limited resources we had. They also wove bookmarks using dried banana leaves.

Rhoda, Lucy and Subira took the lead on selling their wares and came home with many shillings in their bank!

Apropriate PR skills and an eagerness to succeed in competition were evident throughout the 2 hours we were there. Great work girls!
Rhoda, me, Lucy and Subira.
They last week of the 2011 school year culminated in our annual Graduation ceremony. This celebration is for our Non Formal girls’ but celebrated by the whole school community. We celebrated the fact that they had re-entered the Education system and also that they had completed the year, hopefully the last of their primary years. Realistically some could fail but the celebration is an important milestone. Having completed the semester involved in an intensive English program, they were ready to become Form 1’s….not Pre-Form 1’s!
The day was filled with color, formality, reflection, vision, music, dance, food and lots of family, friendship and fun! So memorable!  
Salome and Polly welcoming our guests.
 Polly took time to show our guest and representative Board members the progress of the constructions.
Excitement was high as the girls prepared to make their way to the big bunda which had been decorated to suit the special occasion.
Final touches or flowers and ribbons were attended to before they proceeded meet their family and friends.
Lucy even had Jonas done up in ribbons for the special occasion!
 Nasura  and Watende welcoming the formal table.
 Grace and Kennedy were the MC's for the day and took control as the formal proceedings unfolded
Music and dance is an integral part of any celebration....traditional dancing is being done here...
Followed by more modern moves... to which we joined in adding to the fun and sharing!
 Chukula mchana and time to relax
 Entertainment whilst food was being served
 Presenting The 2011 Graduates
 One of many pics with the graduates
Kennedy, Pauline, Lydia, Hugo Julia and our special little girl.
 Family pics a plenty!
Some of the hard working 'Education For Life' Team: Me, Counselor Pauline and Naomi
 The finale....the last journey by the staff squashed into the tiny little staff taxi: Suzy Suzuki
We have some amazingly giving people in our lives and I had the privilege, on the day of Graduation, of responding to a generous donation from the staff at Holy Family Primary School, Geelong where Evie teaches. With the money they had given I was able to purchase an English/Kiswahili dictionary to give to each one of the graduating girls. Having witnessed the girls’ hungry desire to learn, I know that their struggle with mastering the English language will be greatly assisted with this gift. In our own lives, we tend to take it for granted that we can have what we need to assist us in being successful. When we need a resource to help our education, we can simply go to the book store or online, and purchase/access the desired item.  
 The dictionaries ready to be distributed back to the girls as they begin their education journey in Form 1 

Thank you sincerely to anyone who has given in any way to our wonderful girls and their education. Their progress is truly a unique, rewarding journey in which to be involved.

The SEGA staff was easily recognizable as being a part of the wonderful SEGA team by their outfits made in matching vitenge fabric and the men in complimentary colored polo shirts. I had traipsed Dar in its humidity and heat to find the fabric and shirts…..and in true Tz time….we were nearly too late in organizing them! Salome had arrived on Graduation morning sharing that her outfit was still in pieces when she went to collect it the previous evening…
Hamna shida….the day progressed, Salome looking great in her newly completed outfit, took the lead in completing her final responsibility as Head Mistress. Well done Salome. We will miss you. All the best wherever your new path takes you.

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