30 – 31 March. Nyangao – Mtwara. VSO Health gang!

I farewelled the workers and took the 1 hour trip by daladala to Nyangao – a small rural settlement. It’s major feature is the hospital at which 6 VSO Vols currently share their skills. Faith, however only had 1 weeklf her placement femaining. Zoe, Laboratory technician, collected me and I went to see the hospital and meet all the others as they finished their day’s work...Jim was trying hared to solve the problem of maggots presenting in the ear of a 4 day old baby!
We dined together at The Old Trafford, visited Zoe’s palace then slept at Jim and Pam’s before departing on Thursday for Mtwara.
An hour delay at Mnazi Moja finally revealed that the road police had put our dala dala off the road due to bald tyres....Suddenly the entire busload started to get off the bus leaving me very puzzled until I finally worked out what was happening!!! Scrambling to find my ticket I was the last one to squeeze onto the next bus...my rucksack only just fitted in....It’s times like these I am so grateful that I am only small! I managed to manoeuvre myself to sit on the bags of rice and the very hot motor!! I was distracted during this uncomfortable journey by a friendly Tz primary teacher and his Mum telling me about their lives in Masasi. He was passionate about educating his people in reducing the amount of charcoal being used and the number of trees being cut down to support this fuel. He was working hard to assist revegetation and teaching his students how to do this.....I suggested some resources for him to access. It was so encouraging to hear his passion!

Zoe & Pam in Pam's office.
Jim working hard at identifying the nature of the extraction from the baby's ear.
Anthea, Zoe and Pam...chilled....Jim: still working hard!
The Old Trafford: set alongside the main/only road through Nyangao!
Zoe and me at her place....I insisted that having come all the way to Nyangao...I had to see her house...so all of us wound our way back along the dark dusty track from The Old Trafford! So glad we did!
Pam and I before we settled in for a well earned rest!
Pam & Jim's living room
.....the washrooms...
....and the kitchen. Asante sana rafiki zangu for having me!

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