Final week before term break...then off to Dar.

Exams for Forms1 and 2 but Non Formals were still scheduled to go swimming. The NFE girls had been working on their replies to Global Girls Unite book :All About Me. The NFE girls had each designed a page of their own which included personal information with the same focus. They included lots of color, stickers, photos and information. They were excited at what they had achieved and kept watch on their pages as they laid them in the sun to dry the glue. It's completion meant that I had to package it up and negotiate the Posta. I crossed my fingers as the young girl behind the counter attached the overwhelming number of stamps and asked where Colorado was in the world!
I woke Wednesday morning to the sound of very heavy non relenting rain, angry thunder and the sky illuminated with lightening. Okay...this should only last for an hour...but it continued resulting in me canceling swimming but then having to wade to the swimming pool through mud, often calf deep (THANK HEAVENS FOR MY CROCS and my wet weather certainly works Mum!) to meet the bus which was scantly filled with some to the bedraggled NFE girls. We proceeded along the journey to SEGA and collected the remaining drowned girls and delivered them to the welcome warmth and dryness of SEGA. I located my Form 1 English exam papers which the girls had sat that morning and returned home on the bus. I used the wet afternoon to complete the NFE case studies which had been one of the major tasks of this term and thankfully forwarded them on to Polly. The feeling was the same as that of completing term reports....and any teacher will tell you that this is one of immense, intense relief and utter elation!!
I left Morogoro early Friday morning to get to the VSO office and have my passport officially stamped and formally acknowledge my 2 years work permit however 1/2 hour from Dar I was informed that I was too late for Friday's sitting! I photocopied all the documents and left my passport at the office to be done in my absence!
I relaxed  for the afternoon overlooking the beach at Slipway whilst marking my exam papers.

The most idealic setting for this sort of activity!! Later in the day discovered a mzungu hairdresser! 1 1/2 hours of much needed pampering resulted in the taming of my unruly locks and covering of some telling greyness!!
I stayed two nights in Dar with Hanna (in her air conditioned palace fit for a queen!), Claire, another Dodma Vol and Clare & Catrione who live around the corner, both VSO vols. Hanna's house unexpectedly had electricity ALL day Saturday so our plans to achieve a round of the Dar markets went out the window. Instead we watched a movie and chilled out during the whole day... I slept for most of it!! We completed the lazy day with pizza and drinks at Claire and Catrione's compound.

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