8 April: Laser surgery.....So now I can see!

As my family back in Australia all prepared and enjoyed partying together for my niece, Jane's 21st....I sat nervously, all alone, waiting to have my right eye operated on!!! OH HOW I WISHED I was in Aus and not sitting in the waiting room of CCBRT disability Hospital, Dar es Salaam!!! It was one of those memorable times when I really knew I was a long way from home and facing a big challenge on my own! BUT....I knew everyone was thinking of me and praying for a successful outcome.....ASANTE SANA RAFIKI ZANGU!! Thanks heaps my dear friends because I have come through the laser op and my reading vision has been restored. My eye is healthy but I will get it checked out by the Opthamologist after Easter to make sure! THe BEST bit is......NOT having to reach for my glasses EVERY time I needed to see something up close! .....This was the main reason I actually went through Intra Ocular Lense Replacement a couple of years ago!
It is very reassuring to know that we have excellent specialist here in Dar! The CCBRT was referred to me by 3 different Doctors. Having met the Dr I felt confident as he was very thorough in his examination and his explanations as he proceeded through each step.
It was nice to have Hanna's house not far away to rest and recuperate during the afternoon. It was even better to share the evening with both Hanna and Claire (she had to relocate to Hanna's due to a giant rat taking over her little house! Pole Claire!)

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