4 April THE bus trip back to Dar!

Monday morning 5.30 am I stood on the road in the dark to learn that my Bajaj driver had slept in! “I am coming! I am coming....5 minutes....” We all know how long 5 minutes can be here in Tz....At 6.05am I hitched a ride with a neighbour! ....but the 6.30am departure left at 7.30am....for a very different journey from my trip down! The slow, slippery, slushy slog to Dar took nearly 12 hours....BUT atleast we didn’t get stuck! My pics are courtesy of Hazel as she returned to Ndanda 4 days after my trip. I was not on a window seat so didn’t have the opportunity to capture the reality! Asante sana Hazel...I know my family will have a much better understanding of our life here as a result!

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