January. Clubs: Lydia, Jessie and the Art Club

Our Academic year had started with only a few teething problems. Normal in any school! The second week saw the start of our after school Clubs. Every afternoon between 4 and 5pm we offer the girls extracurricular activities. One of the afternoon Clubs nurtures the girls' artistic skills. Lydia's first session asked the girls to draw/color anything they wanted to but they were not allowed to use the color green! Our girls love to draw flowers and trees and were quite challenged with the task of using their imagination to present something ......'not quite correct or natural'!

Lydia collecting all the shades of green...pencils, textas, crayons...

So much fun and then the concentration began... 

Jessie and Lydia usually take this Club together but in Jessie's absence Lydia managed to do exactly what the Clubs are designed to do:
Nurture fun .... skills and knowledge.

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