February. Mentors, leaders, self esteem....nurturing peers.

Morning Talks.
As an integral part of the Lifeskills curriculum and focus at SEGA, we are providing the students with many opportunities to practice leadership, become good mentors and develop self esteem and confidence.
During last year at the daily morning assembly, the girls were rostered to deliver a morning talk, however often in the past, the topic was only thought of as she came to the stage to give the talk and often... hamna morning talk...none was given!!! As you can imagine, the depth of knowledge shared was limited and this process was not nurturing confidence…however their ability to rote learn information is remarkable so some of the more able students could rattle off a portion of their newly completed studies quite easily!! Not really the skills we were wanting to encourage! 

Having been given the mantle of developing a stronger, more rewarding process which nurtured our goals, I asked for volunteers from Form 3 to become leaders to support/guide their fellow students. They following girls came forward and together we devised a plan of action outlined below. I let the girls decide what values and actions were important and they came up with the following:

Rhoda Dauti; Mwilwa Jumanne; Lucy Richard; Yustina Tarimo; Maryam Semwenda; Subira Ramadhani
To practice leadership by supporting and guiding fellow students.
To support students in developing good, public speaking skills.
To encourage: planning, research, writing of interesting and informative talks
 To give support, encouragement  and praise to those presenting Morning talk at assemble.

The following will be encouraged:
1.     Confidence by:
·         Being well prepared
·         Speaking loudly and clearly
·         Standing straight and confidently
2.      An interesting and informative talk:
·         Heading of topic
·         Importance and meaning of the student’s message. WHY they have chosen the topic.
·         Introduction
·         Body of the talk: descriptions and information
·         Conclusion of talk.
Topics will be about:
3.       Events  happening at SEGA with their class or the whole school eg: Community Outreach activity; Science experiment; Environment activity; Clubs activity; weekend activity; visitors to SEGA…….etc
4.       A topic of interest eg Astronomy

The support leaders will write the schedule for Morning talk for the semester. They will meet with the 5 girls on duty during the weekend prior to their scheduled talk.  This meeting will occur on Saturdays to allow the speakers time to prepare. The schedule will be posted on the notice board near Head Mistress’ office. At the end of each week the 6 leaders will write a short report on what they have done and what was achieved during the week. Based on this reflection they will decide who should be given the ‘Morning Talk of the Week’ award. After 1 month one leader will invite another Form 3 student to join the support leaders and the original leader will step down from her responsibility. This will give all Form 3 practise of being a mentor and learn from the experience.
The scarey bit.....delivering THE Morning Talk....

Having completed the second week of Talks, Rhoda spoke on behalf of the leading team and congratulated each of the presenters on the pleasing process they had each taken to deliver very interesting talks. She spoke of how proud they were and encouraged others to take the process seriously. Jenifah Boniface was awarded the inaugural weekly award which has inspired many other girls to commit to presenting well. They are really excited about the challenge and many have come to me telling me what their topic will be!
 Rhoda explaining the process, expectations and aims for Morning Talks.....
Jenifah having been presented her award

 Enock Gray, Academic Master, praising both the Support Leaders and the students for their efforts and success.

 L-R: Subira, Maryam, Rhoda, Jenifah, Mwilwa, Lucy, Yustina

Not only was I thrilled that the speakers were excited but I was delighted at the pride with which the leaders responded to the success of their peers because they knew their success was a result of their guidance, support and encouragement.
On Monday I had asked them how the weekend went and they replied...... “Oh Madam…….”, shaking their heads with frustration….”Oh Madam, the Form 1’s…..they were so worried and one was crying…!!”
...so we talked about how they handled this situation. 
They had gently encouraged her, helped her decide on a topic and on how to seek information, listened to her practice, praised her efforts and finally knew that she would be ok! Tuesday came, Anna took the spotlight and in front of the whole school, all staff....... and Polly! She confidently presented a clear, informative talk which met all the requirements!!
I saw each of the leaders go to her after the assembly and praise her for the good job she had done! 

Anna was beaming!.... 

What more can I say?.....
other than....
that I was beaming too!

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