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Healthy Living Club…..educate…..                
Get involved…Regular Aerobics and exercise and sport Club.
How can we encourage the girls to take responsibility for their health?  To achieve optimally in all areas of our lives we need to be physically fit and healthy. We are developing our Lifeskills curriculum to nurture social, emotional and psychological health but had not really addressed the physical component until recently.
The introduction of our Healthy Living Club, facilitated by Anastazia and Naomi, has been initiated to rectify this. It aims to educate the girls about nutrition and healthy food choices at all stages of the lifespan and to encourage physical activity. Teaching the girls why activity is needed and how they can achieve this in enjoyable ways is our focus. We have begun the Physical fitness program by introducing a weekly aerobics class and 5 – 10 minutes of daily exercise during the morning assembly.
 Starting the day in an energetic way!
 Clementina checking that the girls are doing it right!
Our guest, Liesbeth Kanis, VSO Dodoma, inspired our girls by leading the inaugural aerobics session and together with Clementina, our Headmistress, Pauline our Counselor, Jessie and I, the girls have gained enthusiasm, enjoyment and inspiration to continue with and lead their own regular sessions.
 Liesbeth leading the first Aerobics class.
 Pauline and the girls really working hard and breathing wel!l
 Liesbeth and us!
The past two Friday mornings @ 6.30am we shared time together having fun and getting our heart rates up! Last Friday afternoon during Sport Club, Jessie, Lydia and I met with the girls who were keen to lead and had nominated themselves as trainee coaches.
 The second Aerobics session led by myself and shared by Jessie.

 The early morning starters...Jessie and I!
 Pauline perfecting the cat pose!
We outlined how to structure a class….warm up, aerobic and cool down….and why it is important to do this. We have representatives from each Form and each of the girls will take responsibility for running a weekly aerobics session for their own Form (option: any interested person joining in) in additional to a session for the whole school on Friday mornings. 
 Jessie Pauline and I
We are integrating many Lifeskills in a very enjoyable way!! Education For Life!!!!

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