October 2011.... Accommodating Growth....

As SEGA grows in numbers the dormitories and classrooms in which to to accommodate and educate the girls, needed to be built. Whilst the builders were on sight, the kuku bundas (chicken coups) and the volunteers and staff houses were also constructed. We returned from holiday break way back at the end of September 2011 to discover the beginnings of the long awaited construction....
Through the next 3 blog entries I will take you visually through the transformation:
 From sparse, empty open spaces to an environment which proudly holds attractive, practical, functional classrooms, accommodation and dormitories.

Dormitory construction starting.

 Beginnings of the volunteer and staff houses

dormitories emerging
View from the water tower....having climbed the rickety ladder this picture was taken which was followed by a very tentative descent! It was worth the climb as it is easy to visualise where the new buildings were being placed. Behind and to the left of the big bunda is where the dormitories and classrooms are being built. The classrooms at right angles to the bunda and the dormitories parallel to it. (Positions are shown more clearly in the last pic in this blog!)

Looking towards the main buildings and the big bunda. Classrooms on left. Dorms on right of pic.

 Vision from the water tower showing the progress.

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