International Women’s Day. 8 March.

International Women’s Day
A day to celebrate ALL WOMEN world wide
To share this day surrounded by women (and some very committed men!!), young and old, striving to better their lives and to empower the women around them, was definitely a special and memorable celebration.
For all women, everyday throws many challenges and this day was no different!
It became very busy with the integral daily schedule and extraneous events/commitments and activities tripping over each other… the outcome was productive!!

I had brought four visitors from the Morogoro International School to visit. The usual daily procedure of Morning assembly unfolded and as everyone had arrived on time, they were all present for the assembly.
1.       School prayer: recited
2.       School song: sung
3.       Morning talk: presented. Two talks were given by the Form 3 leaders, Subira and Mwilwa who set the standard high and demonstrated very good Public speaking skills to enable the younger student s to emulate.
4.       Introductions of MIS visitors: accompanied by a warm rendition of SEGA’s ‘Welcome visitors’ song
5.       Counselor Pauline introduced International Women’s Day.
Clementina, Headmistress, supported her then spoke strongly of our belief in the potential of our girls to be great leaders and role models in our communities. This was sealed with the promise of Pilau on the menu for today’s celebration!... the girls cheered…..then Mama Matron joined us….and the girls went wild….cheering and clapping….. and then they broke into song. A song which celebrates and honors mothers! Matron is dearly loved by all the girls as she is their Mama. She had respected the Day by dressing in her African refinery… as many of us had also done that day!!
Morning talks completed.

Mama Matron listening to the girls praise her in song.
Singing to Mama Matron.
What a magical start to the day!
The Medical team had arrived and each girl proceeded to be given a thorough Health check which included an eyesight test.
An opportunity was given to the girls to view her own blood through the microscope as their test was investigated which added interest and practical learning opportunity throughout the long tiresome process! Great idea Tracey!
Preparing a slide before the next client .
Waiting, waiting, waiting patiently to be the patient!

Meanwhile in the big bunda, Kennedy’s From 1 English class was getting to know our four MIS visitors: Dave and Daniella husband and wife trainee teachers;
 Clare from UK possibly going into Education in ESL and Kia originally from Scotland, now gaining a better understanding of the Tz education system. The enthusiastic group were sharing their stories, learning more about each other’s cultures and practicing their public speaking skills and conversational English…. all in one practical setting! New friends were made knowledge was added to enhance a greater understanding and appreciation for life outside SEGA and Morogoro…
 Nasura sharing her story.
 Happy Job Mgongwa
Karibu visitors…you are a valuable resource for our girls. It is a win/win when visitors come. They cannot leave without being touched to the heart by these beautiful girls and what is being done here at SEGA to support them!!
Fundacion Paraguaya also had an important member of their team visiting from the Us and so their meetings continued here at the school nurturing the integration of business enterprise into SEGA’s world.
Our kuku business is soon to begin and ground work is being done to ensure it is eventually linked with our Academic curriculum.
 Tracey sharing Mandanzi and chai with the staff.
 MIS visitors sharing mandazi and chai with Jessie and the students.
 Violet and Loyce...Mama Cooks....dressed beautifully to prepare our special lunch of Pilua
Alex, Thomas and Masoud
Peter and Kennedy filling up

Sylvanus enjoying (as eveyone did!!) Mama Mpishi's special pilau dish!

The middle and hottest part of my day was eaten up by standing in queues to discover empty ATMs then resorting to standing in a bank queue for another ½ hour. This was followed by enduring 2 ½ hours of more queues and frustrations to eventually successfully extract a parcel from the POSTA:
Queue @ POSTA --- queue @ Revenue Board --- queue @ POSTA ---  queue @ Revenue Board ---back to POSTA with rep from RB to pull parcel apart and inspect its contents --- back to RB and haggle about charges (finally reduced to 20,000Tsh from an initial 35,000Tsh…good work Fran!!!) ---another bank queue: ¾ hr wait to pay charges ---back to queue @ RB ---queue @ POSTA --- pay POSTA charges ---SECURE parcel…. HONGERA!!! (It was worth it though because its contents have made the girls sooo happy…THANKS Sandra. You are a GEM!)
If you send us a parcel write on the description of goods: “School Supplies” because everything you send fits that category (It is going to SEGA School….supplying something!!) and that description doesn’t draw taxes or any attention

The SEGA day continued. Having enjoyed their celebratory lunch of Pilau, Form 2 students and 5 each from Form 1 and Form 3 were treated with the second session of a Study Skills workshop run by Tracey and Anastazia. Knowledge and guidelines were given instructing the girls on ways to be efficient in studying and preparing for exams.
The remaining girls were creatively exploring their Artistic skills in Jessie’s Art Club.
Tracey sharing her knowledge and skills during the Study Skills Workshop

I had finally been able to get Jack to Simba Oil Mechanic to complete his much needed service. During this trip, apart from the usual service maintenance, two front ball joints were replaced and a final wheel alignment was made…..and I drove off many shillings less but much, much happier with Jack’s driving performance and inevitable safety!!! Such a relief to drive a car that has finally been restored to work at its true potential!

I celebrated IWD dining at the Morogoro Hotel eating my favorite Indian food with a glass of red. I shared this with Carl and Foundacion Paraguaya: Mary Liz and the two Julia’s who unexpectedly arrived so joined us…
Carl has recently moved to Moro from Dar and had been working with Solar Lights (With Clare aka Paddy works!) Carl is going to have us test run a small business in which he is supporting a local Tz farmer . He is taking us on a hiking/camping tour in the Uluguru Mountains next weekend 17-18/3 providing the skies don’t open! (PS: More to come on both the initiative and our weekend in a later blog!)
Surrounded by some very committed and inspiring women in my life.
L-R: Fran, Anastazia, Tracey, Counselor Pauline, Polly
I fell into bed……so happy to be a very lucky woman!!!

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