January and February.....and student life moves into the newness!

I was so happy to return to SEGA and see such beauty and color. Leaving Australia was bitter/sweet ....I am NOT good at farewells and, having had four MAGICAL weeks at home with my darling kids, family and friends over Xmas/New Year, I needed a positive injection to lift my heavy heart as the reality of being back in Tz confronted me.
The transformation from the dry, barren environment of December to the lush, overgrown, very green vegetation and assortment of nearly completed buildings, was so beautiful. This vision was so inspiring. Not only for myself but for all the staff who gathered together for planning before the girls returned the following week. 2012 started very positively all round!
Pre form/Non form dormitory, which will be occupied when the June/July intake of students occurs.

Volunteers' house
Preparation to construct the bunks in Form 1 dormitory
Color!! Wow, painting was nearly complete....The classroom block was nearly ready to share its space and be transformed by the energy and enthusiasm of SEGA's eager staff and students, into 
 a productive space of learning for life!
Teamwork was needed to transport and equip the classrooms with tables and chairs!
Where are you Form 1? We are ready for you....well nearly! We are still waiting for the solar panels to be installed to bring light at night!
Final touches being made to the drains outside the classroom block and looking back towards the bundas and office buildings.

And so the next chapter in the Life of SEGA began:
The classrooms filled and the 2012 Academic year began! 
 Moonshine class, Form 1, greeting Sir Kennedy to begin their English class.

"Good Morning Girls, How are you?...
"Good Morning Madam Fran....we are Fantastic.(often said FRantastic!).. !"
(This has become a daily response from the Moonshine class. One which I love to hear because they become so enthusiastic when we greet each other. However, when I visited the girls in their new classroom, just before their lesson was to start, they were bursting with the excitement. 
I asked them why they were feeling Fantastic? They eagerly told me that they had waited and watched the buildings being built and that it was awesome to be in them and learning. (this is another descriptive word I use with them regularly in the hope of helping them understand different intensities of emotions!!)  
The following picture captures it:.

The academic school year had been going for 2 weeks before the Moonshine Class were able to become boarders and move into their new dormitory....but when they finally moved in.....
They were VERY Happy and again kept telling me that it was fantastic and awesome!!

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