November, December.....progress....

The short rains arrived throughout November but were short lived and so progress was not hindered. Our construction team worked diligently through the inclement weather...mud and progress quickly each day!

Meanwhile our Form 2 girls studied hard for their National exams. The Sunshine class were SEGA's first Form to sit these dreaded exams which created a very nervous undercurrent in almost everything they did during October and the first half of November. Exams began 15 November and passed quickly...although I know the girls sitting them didn't think so!!

We had many opportunities to explore the building materials and construction process. Many of the girls were intrigued with it all and I found myself answering many questions which reflected their emerging inquisitive minds. "Madam Fran, how do they know how many concrete pieces to make and use?....How do the roof tiles stay on when it's really wet and windy?..."

Form 1 and 2 classrooms which house a staff and store room between them

Form 1 Dormitory 

The volunteers' house. 
During October/November the winds whip up during the afternoon creating mini dust storms and many small cork screws or whilly whillys (is what we used to call them as kids!) When we left SEGA for the holidays, the land was dry and barren and red dust thickly coated anything that was uncovered. Our clothes, hair and bodies always showed a tinge of red as the dust embedded itself during the course of the day.  I marvelled at the fundis as they continued through all weather challenges....some very heavy rain followed by dust, intense heat and humidity.

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