7 March. Stuck in Jack on my track!!

I got bogged in Jack on the track this morning! Luckily I had my African boots (aka Crocs)  in the back of my car as the mud was sticky and deep. I had to put branches from the nearby bushes under the wheels and Thomas my askari, and some other people walking down the track, helped push but it was touch and go as to whether I was going to get out and then all the way to the Dodoma Road.....slipping and sliding...even Trav would have found it difficult so I think Jack did a good job!!! Dad would have been proud of me!!
Will have to go around the back way when I come home and try to use that track which seems more solid than my track. The fundis had ploughed across my track during the weekend as they were ploughing both pieces of land on either side of the track. They had actually covered the furrows so it was not too bad to drive over in the end....but after a whole night of rain last night the loose dirt had turned to gluggy mud!!!
mmmm....never know what's going to happen when I start my day!!

PS.... Sorry there are no pics....but in the heat of the moment it wasn't priority...I was so intent on trying to get out of the quagmire that it didn't enter my mind! Besides...I wouldn't have been able to access the camera because the mud was too deep at the back of Jack where my gear was! Gotta laugh!

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