A weekend of visitors from the US & Moonshine Class FIELD TRIP. 17/2 – 20/2

An air of excited anticipation was evident as the SEGA girls were on alert that the visitors were nearly at SEGA….but….
Friday morning turned into evening as delays impeded the visitors’ progress!! Finally the weekend arrived and so did the visitors: Susan Hannah (nurturing Minds Board member) and daughter Shanna, Betsy Crawford, Marc Leavitt and daughter Emily and Robert Pam.

I was on the bus returning from Arusha so missed the first evening of fun!
An electronic keyboard had found its way to SEGA through the generosity of Betsy, Marc and Emily. Marc shared his keyboard skills and worked hard at connecting with the girls through the magical music produced through his keys. This can be a challenging task when your audience is not familiar with your own cultural songs! Nevertheless the girls’ interest in the keyboards was ignited. Their understanding was broadened during a second lesson on the Sunday morning.

The first evening continued with music and having shared their meal, everyone danced their way into the night. Friendships were forged!
This story of excitement was shared many times over as I greeted the girls early Sunday morning for a day packed with more fun and learning.
My head was spinning with the number of stories each Form 1 girl wanted to tell me about their first Field trip to Mikumi National Park on the previous day!
So many beautiful birds, animals….big game….LIVE big game!!!...the reptile park; doing lunch with the public = a new experience as a group!...  Three weeks later the girls are still recounting events they experienced or significant incidents they encountered on that day!
L-R: Bob, Emily, Shanna, Marc, Susan

Spotting hippos

Adventure and practical life experiences providing intense learning and memorable moments!

The classrooms were buzzing with learning as Bob shared his knowledge of Geography and History; action was abundant on the sport field as Shanna shared her skills and love of football with some of our energetic girls; the big bunda was alive with music, dancing, musical chairs (@ young Martha’s request!); and intense concentration came from the lucky few who were learning the age old skill of knitting…handed down by two of us from a few generations older than the SEGA girls. Two of us who had lived in an era where knitting was passed down from one generation to the next as an activity as integral as learning how to hang the clothes on the line!!

Marc and Emily sharing their musical knowledge

The hardest part about visitors coming to share our world @ SEGA is saying goodbye….and inevitably this came upon us. Colorfully drawn pictures and letters already written for our visitors during the weekend, were distributed with exchanges of promises from everyone to write and keep in touch and, as always, the lament:

“Please come back!”

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