I'm back.... 8th July. Tye dyeing.

8th March…..now it is 22nd June! What happened during this 3 month time span???? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many exciting adventures but many happening all at the same time and……I am actually here in Tz working hard to help these beautiful girls at SEGA… and committed to ensuring that  our Lifeskills program comes to life!
I am going to try to piece together an overview of my journey during these busy 3 months and share pictorially wherever I can!

….and all of a sudden it is 4th July!!
I started to add to my blog when I returned from my safari however life at school has been full of activity and visitors that I have not physically had time to even open my blog….let alone write it! I am certainly not complaining as the progress we are making here at SEGA is exciting. Our planning for the intake of 60 new girls began last year and we have finally welcomed our precious new girls and the timetable is unfolding with only tiny bumps which are being smoothed out.

..... Sunday 8th July.
I am not procrastinating. I have just  not had my own time. Today is the first rest day for me for many months and I have spent the last 4 hours sorting out my photos from the last 4 months and backing them up. I will start with yesterday's activities as it's a bit overwhelming knowing where to start!

Ashlie Busone, one of SEGA's most recent short term volunteers, is the person with the tie dyeing skills. When she had volunteered at SEGA early in 2012, just before I arrived at SEGA, she tie dyed shirts with our girls and from her inspiring session back then, the girls chose to do tie dyeing last December. The resulting business learning curve was steep and extremely powerful. Having returned she is leading a whole school, business activity this time. All the girls are involved in learning to be business women. Jessie, Lydia and I supported her during the production. Camilla, who lived with me in 2012 as a short term vol, has returned for 3 months and is working with Ashlie(unfortunately she has been in Zanzibar holidaying with her family during this part of the production). Lydia, Jessie and I have joined the fun; Grace and Ana helped and Grace, together with Joffrey will be working with the Form 3 girls to teach the younger girls about business, promotion and sales.

Ashlie and I preparing the solution
 Lydia and Jessie working behind the scenes to prepare for the seesion
 US visitors, new girls and Mentoring families #1 - #3 tye dyeing last Sunday, 1 July.
 Mentoring famlies# 4 - #14 preparing the t-shirts with rubber bands
 Mentors teaching the young mentors and their new family members the art of correct preparation.

 Both Ana and Grace learned the skills and actively shared their skills throughout the whole process.

 Ashlie explaining the whole process

 And so the students began the fun part of creatively dyeing their shirt.
 So many different designs resulted...
 .....many happy smiles and so phase one of our second business adventure unfolded.

We continued until the sun slid behind the mountains and all the families had completed their shirts

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