14th July. Visitors’ Day: From UK and SEGA community

Being at the start of our Business Clubs; having tie dyed the t-shirts; produced many bracelets (which SEGA girls refer to as ‘Culture’) we decided to use Saturday 14th July as an opportunity to practice some of our skills and showcase our rapidly expanding school.

Eighteen Kent College students from UK were coming to Tz. Janet, an ex VSO Vol, now a teacher @ Kent College, had worked with us to include SEGA in their cultural visit. Ashlie had spearheaded a team to plan and implement the schedule. The Morogoro International School hosted their visit and joined in the fun @ SEGA on the day.

SEGA environment was sparkling. Matron had overseen the cleaning program and our girls worked hard from the very early hours of Saturday.

The bell rang…our girls assembled in excited anticipation…Finally around 9am, the buses arrived and our visitors were escorted to the front of the assembly.

The ‘Welcome Visitors’ song always enchants our visitors and sets a positive, friendly and of course, welcoming atmosphere. The National Anthem and SEGA’s school song completed our welcome.

SEGA staff introduced themselves and our visitors responded likewise. We were very happy to welcome a fellow Aussie, Kelly on her Gap year @ Kent College. The girls loved the fact that Kelly lived in Melbourne with Gemma!!
Tchalewa, our good friend and coach from MIS came with our visitors. Tchalewa and our girls have established a wonderful relationship. He gives from his heart as he respects the journey our girls have travelled. He enthusiastically joined in the Welcome Visitors song and dance!

Hospitality and Tourism is a business area SEGA is pursuing in its business plan. We are actively involving the Bright Stars - Form 2 class in this process. During May, SEGA hosted, and Form 2 girls planned and catered for a 4 day workshop run by Minnesota University. Under the guidance of 5 SEGA staff, Grace, Geoffrey, Kennedy, Alex and Anastazia, the girls worked tirelessly from the conception of the idea to host through to the completion of the whole undertaking. They not only gained valuable practical experience and skills but made an impressive profit for SEGA from the business. In addition to this we have been training our Form 2 girls in the skills of tour guiding so Saturday was a perfect opportunity for them to practice showcasing our amazing school and all its treasures!

The Masai were intrigued and joined in with our celebrations and activities!
Tours successfully completed, the Big Bunda came alive. Dancing is a universal language and everyone got down and boogied... shook their bootee or shuffled their feet to the rhythm of the compelling music carefully selected by the SEGA girls.

After chai (morning tea) was shared,Tchalewa ran an activities session concluding with a football (soccer) match between the College students and our girls. So much fun and laughter. The soccer ball is one of the ones donated by my generous family in Oz....thanks guys for your generosity. I think of you every time your presence is represented in front of me in whatever that form might be!

  Next the Form 2's shared cultural information in a session led by our College visitors. Many facts were shared and clarified about Tanzania and the UK.

Kelly from Oz...sharing her story

Helena explaining how to make Ugali.

The day was also one of our regular visiting days by the families and friends. As these guests arrived at SEGA, the Kent College students concluded their visit by sharing their lunch time in the Big bunda with the girls, chatting and learning more about each other.
Not only did Kent College visit us, they also donated a bag of goodies with the promise of sponsoring one of our girls for at least 12 months with the hope of being able to sponsor her ongoing for 4 years!! ASANTE SANA Kent College. This is a powerful and tangible support for our beautiful girls. Your generosity is warmly welcomed as I know how much this kind of support does for a girl here at SEGA.

Farewells are always hard, especially when the visit has been powerful and enriching for everyone involved! Our tie dyed T-shirts and culture were appreciated and purchased by the visiting teenagers as a beautiful memory of their precious encounter with SEGA!
 Grace, having supervised the girls in setting up for the day, carefully put the final touches to the Exhibition Room. Kennedy was impressed!

SEGA girls expertly marketing their produce to very willing buyers!

I can't quite work our why the pics turn sideways but....they look like how we were all feeling by the end of the very busy day: the result of several weeks of planning!!

 The day concluded with stories shared between the girls and their families. New families, having visited for the first time, left feeling happy that their girls are in a very welcoming, safe place.

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