20 - 23 July. Jessie's birthday weekend in Dodoma.

Mimi, Mzee Volunteer na  Watoto ZanguVolunteers .....Me, the oldest Volunteer and my younger vols decided to do a road trip to Dodoma as an adventure and to celebrate Jessie's birthday. Jack packed,.....school commitments completed..... Friday 20/7, 11ish, just after Chai, we headed off on our adventure. We were all excited at the prospect of a weekend away together and the 3 1/2 hour road trip sped past us ....suddenly we were at the turn off . Hakunaga blared from the speakers as we waited for the Dodo gang to join us... then we bumped our way over the dusty track to the long sought after oasis: the Dodoma winery ....
........and so the fun began!!!

 L-R: Me, Ashlie, Jessie, Camilla
Liesbeth and I in 7th Heaven!

Labelling the bottles of red Dodoma wine.
 Oh My! Which barrel will I taste from next!!???
The evening ended with more wine and amazing pizzas @ The Pizzeria.  Eric, and the two Dutch students, Floris and Anna who had stayed with us in Morogoro recently and who are researching African publishing with Liesbeth, joined us at the winery and Fredrik joined us for dinner.

Again Fredrick had to work so Liesbeth whipped up a batch of very fine pancakes for breakfast before we explored St John's University where she is working in her VSO placement in Publishing.
I had baked Jessie a Chocolate Cake so we celebrated with it for lunch together with Fredrik's homemade Onion Soup....AND Liesbeth's freshly baked bread....  

.......after which we spent the afternoon chilling by the pool at African Dream resort.

 Oh so decadent to do nothing but read and relax with friends!
Jack, The People mover, is a lot more comfortable when the back is used as a seat! 
It was Ash's turn to travel in style!! 
Indian dinner at Dodoma Hotel with more Dodo expats....followed by a movie to bide time before Clubbing....The Intouchables: a beautiful movie on the big screen @ Liesbeth & Fredrik's movie house wore us all out....The BIG weeks of constantly being on the go 7 days a week had caught up with all the Vols so... Clubbing was given a miss and bed was gladly crawled into at a relatively reasonable hour!!

 Fredrik was head chef for Sunday breakfast and again we dined on superbly cooked crepes/pancakes. 
Tour of Dodoma continued:
UDOM: University of Dodoma is built a long way out of town and is spread over many kilometers! Dala dalas are needed to travel between faculties, accommodation and administrtion buildings!!

 The LONG straight road leading up to the main administration building...
it comes from and goes to.... nowhere!!
 Next place of interest: Shopping @ Saba Saba...an easy hunt for bargains and labels!!
Shoe Heaven...mmmm....maybe these ones are a bit small for us!
 Serious shoppers need replenishment: REAL homemade ice cream and Italian coffee @ Sipe the gourmet Italian cafe which serves authentic Italian food as the chef and owner is Italian!

 Another afternoon in the pool: 
We were getting into the Olympic spirit and trying to do some synchronized swimming
As the afternoon ended, we looked up to Lion's Rock as this was where we were heading to watch the sunset!

.....until we finally arrived at the top!
Just trying to get attention to make a move down to view the sunset before it got too dark!!!

Looking down towards African Dream resort  
where we had spent the afternoon in the pool. The green roofed buildings, when complete, will be for the President of Tz (Dodoma is the Political capital of Tz) and African Dream is situated approx 1 o'clock from the President's house.
L-R: Lydia, Ashlie, Me, Camilla, Jessie.

And so the sunset.
I LOVE African sunsets!

Ana and Floris joined us for dinner. It was a joint effort as we sipped Dodoma wine whilst preparing, cooking then dining on Spaghetti Bolognese ala Fredrik & Guiness the cat!!

Tuli furahi sana...
We were so happy!
We ended the weekend as we had started....drinking Dodoma wine!

Farewells happened Monday morning as we headed off.....reaching SEGA in time for our commitments in the classrooms! 

ASANTE SANA marafiki zangu kwa wikiendi safi kabisa!
Thanks heaps my friends for a Frantastically Awesome weekend!

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