Tuesday 17th July.

L-R: Pauline, Polly, Clementina, Geoffrey, Kennedy, Masoud, 
Enock, Llorivi (our new Non form Arts/Language teacher), Me, 
Anastazia, Lydia, Jessie, Alex, Camilla , Ashlie

Habari za mchana? Mambo? 
Hi.....How are you?

Greeting from the teaching staff  at SEGA. Finally we have our multipurpose table positioned in our Staffroom and we are all gathered to farewell Polly as she leaves for a well earned holiday back home in Philadelphia, USA with her family. Safari njema Polly. I'm sure the six weeks will go quickly but we will all miss your smiling face around here!
 Polly sharing some fun with Milka, Counselor Pauline's gorgeous daughter
...and SEGA's occasional student!

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