Finally we are boarders. Form 1.....

We began the school year before our dormitories and classrooms had been completed so the Form 1 girls continued to be day scholars for 2 weeks. Finally, on Sunday 22 January, the girls arrived at SEGA and began their boarding days. Not everything has been completed, however, the girls have embraced the new way of life with never ending enthusiasm and energy! So much energy despite their long days and duties getting done! I visited the girls in their new dorms during 'down time' between end of classes 3.30pm and the beginning of Clubs 4.00pm This is the time their clothes are washed in preparation for the following day and when they tidy up their dorms.
A very typical scenario between 3.30- 4pm

The Form 1 dorm is yet to receive solar power to source their indoor lights so they are using their portable solar lights (which look a bit like the bug catchers we used to capture unsuspecting insects with as kids!!) The blue panel on the top of the light is the converter which flips over to expose the light globe allowing the lamp to shine. A very simple and effective power source which the girls happily manage.
When I neared the dormitory, all 30+ solar lights were basking in the intense afternoon sun, soaking up the energy needed to guide each girl in her bedtime routine after study/prepo which finishes at 10pm.

So much energy being used outside....

.......and those inside were either relaxing or full of energy and cleaning, cleaning....trying to put some order into their own space!!!

mmmm. ......still some cleaning to be done....but study is important too!

Prisca sorting her clothes.!

We have a number of new girls in Form 1 who have been welcomed easily into their family.

.....and outside, Asia was still washing....but her beautiful, radiant smile says so much about her happiness and contentment with being a part of the SEGA family.

Mwanahamisi scrubbing and striving for the bright whites they manage to achieve despite the salty water!

Great work....just finished cleaning in time for Music club!

Celina and Sauda had successfully cleaned their area which looked far more presentable than some of the other areas!!

Don't you just love them?! So camera shy!!!

The dorms are still having minor adjustments being made so the girls found themselves trying to clean up around the fundis who were installing the last of their lockers.

So much much happiness......but girls 
mna dakika tano.....haraka haraka....YOU HAVE 5 minutes....hurry hurry.....
Clubs start....don't be late. 
Remember: Punctuality is one of your Core Values!!

These new buildings have been under construction since last September and fortunately the process has been relatively smooth. I have captured the progress during that time and will share it with you in my next blog!

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