Changing direction: My role as staff teaching support...

As I change direction during second Semester from my teaching role in the classroom to focus energy on my role of staff support, my aim is to help our staff to draw on and increase their skills and enthusiasm and realise that to nurture critical/higher level thinking students, doesn’t have to be disruptive or time consuming. It is often the small things teachers do which encourage inquiring minds!
During May 30 – June 1 we are having our Teacher Training in service co-facilitated with Melissa (from our sister organisation: The Foundation For Tomorrow,TFFT  in Arusha). This will be a springboard for progressing with developing the skills of our staff!
To assist in this ongoing process I have an enthusiastic team to support me with whom I meet weekly. We aim to ensure process is gained and motivation is maintained. To be sustainable skills will be transferred and kindled in our two Tz teachers: Meshack (Maths/Physics teacher and Academic Master) and Joffrey Lubega (Bookkeeping/Civics teacher) who has already benefitted from Melissa’s training through TFFT at his previous placement in Arusha. Polly (Director), Salome (Head) and I complete the team.
Our hope is that both Tz teachers will continue to nurture an interactive teaching culture at SEGA when I leave.

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