Chukula za asubuhi!....a breakfast chaser

Funny things happen...I had had my usual breakfast of fresh mango, mtindi (yoghurt) and toasted muesli, and a freshly brewed coffee. I alighted the bus and greeted the 7 girls with "Marahaba" as they "Shikamood" me...all wanting me to sit with them! I sat with Yustina who is trying really hard to learn new English words. I had brought my Eng/Swahili dictionary as we had agreed and she furiously started scanning for new words. Actually, it was as much for my need as hers! Happy reached over and said "Madam Flan....Kujaribu chakula" Try some food.....mmmmmmmmmmm They looked awfully like grasshoppers to me....and of course they were but they were all eating them so...I had to too! Oh dear....not really my idea of breakfast chaser...but atleast I can say I did eat them....and actually quite liked their salty flavour!!


  1. Grasshoppers!!! The sun really must be getting to you my crazy mzungu friend. I will send more vegemite if it is salt you crave. x Lynn

  2. Asante dada....I really had no choice...when in what the Tz's do...especially when the Tz's are my gorgeous, eager to please SEGA girls! Thanks for the thought of Vege...but have plenty to keep me going atm!! Cheers,


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