Friday 20 May. Demons rudi tena!

It was many weeks since the presence of Demons had been felt. A normal Friday began….However….just after assembly one of our students, who had recently returned from a long period of time away from SEGA, disabled from the haranguing effects of the Demons, was beset with an arm that wouldn’t work! Nearby, another student’s wrist was physically increasing in size (we still don’t really know whether she had previously injured her arm or whether this phenomenon was the cause!) The girls became spooked and consequently one more girl went out in sympathy believing the Demons had entered her. A quick decision to send the girls home diverted the attention and prevented repercussions ….. Little did we know what the afternoon had in store!
Friday arvos, staff meet and students spend their time with their Religion instructors…Christian and Muslims spend time with their own.
I remember becoming aware of the cries of fear about ½ hr into our meeting but thought the sessions must be focusing on role play to help handle the morning’s episode. I really didn’t tune in properly until the cries became louder, more frequent and very confronting ……. I was worried….but why wasn’t anyone else???......”OK…..mzungu…..just relax….it must be okay!”  I really don’t have the words to explain the range of emotions I went through that afternoon. I was torn between wanting to run to the girls and hold them and stop everything that was happening and tell them that it wasn’t real and that they were ok and everything would be fine………… and having to stay focused on the Staff meeting and logically discuss issues and make sensible, balanced decisions!
BUT…… How do I know that my version is the right one??? I emersed in a very different culture from my own and have to live through and accept some of these challenges apparently! This is something I know I wont get used to. It was heart breaking to hear the distress and know that their fears were real in their minds. The staff was much better at disguising their discomfort but they too, were concerned. They knew the Ministers were with the girls and trusted that they were better able to handle the situation that us!
My escape with the Non Formals girls at 5pm with Sablano on the bus, was a relief….6pm finally saw the end of the session and some peace return.
The weekend was also peaceful and this past week has been uneventful. I am grateful. We recite the school prayer together every morning at assembly and hope and pray that the girls stay free from this stress.

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