Throat bugs.

Fighting throat bugs is not an easy job especially when the physical body is a bit run down and the mind has been running on over drive for too many months dealing with a multitude of new situations outside the comfort zone!
Hamna shida! No probs…I think my body is easier to fix than Kelly’s…my computer! I have mended quickly thanks to a course of antibiotics, a weekend of doing nothing (except resting, reading and no talking…apart from trying to talk to Evie when she Skyped!!....) I didn’t even venture outside my gate!
Kelly….well she is a source of frustration! I have removed all my pics/videos/ docs…etc and C drive is still full!!...internet doesn’t load; she takes much longer than my students to respond to a question…then says…she hasn’t got space to do anything…..even my 16GB USB won’t save anything! It has room….so Kelly says!!!
Technology….!!! Not sure what to do….Oh well atleast I am well again…Not sure which Dr to take Kelly to though! I didn’t think I would ever appreciate the existence of the internet cafĂ© so much!!!

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  1. Computer says noooo. ;-)

    Hope you're BOTH better soon!



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