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Another one of my roles at SEGA is to assist in developing and nurturing leadership and the development of a range of life skills in our girls.
We are currently teaching and progressively developing a curriculum which focuses on developing personal skills and leadership in the girls. By using this knowledge and skills as a foundation we aim to develop positive social skills and ultimately empower the girls to take responsibility for the success of their own lives and be able to productively interact with others at home and in the wider community.
Our Education For Life team consists of Polly, Salome, Counsellor Pauline (a very intuitive and energetic Lifeskills teacher!) and Naomi (Community outreach coordinator) and me. We meet every Tuesday to ensure progress/ planning is happening, and that support is given to all involved in this ongoing process.  Our outcomes focus on
We have many exciting activities happening during the week and already I am seeing small changes and evidence reflecting application of our Lifeskills/Leadership focus.
·         Daily assemble, run by student leaders is becoming a better avenue for communication from both the student body and the staff.
·         Students giving the morning talks are better prepared and consequently, delivering their talks more confidently and assertively.  Public speaking is challenging for anyone! Staff are giving constructive feedback during the assembly and praise is happening regularly.    
·         Debating club: again public speaking is being practised. Still many skills to learn.
·         Environmental Club: Wednesday afternoon club is focusing on beautifying firstly the SEGA environment with the vision of reaching out into the community and educating them on how and why we should care for our surroundings.
·         Community Outreach : activity #1: Grace and Naomi have started accessing permission from the numerous community officials and families to allow our Form 1 girls access into Kihonda homes during their: Help in A Home activity which will see the Form 1’s giving assistance (eg cleaning, cooking, farming playing and talking with them, reading a story etc) to the less able families in our area
·         Positions of Leadership: currently the job descriptions of these positions have been written and the girls are writing letters of application. Elections will occur this week. These positions will allow the girls to practise: decision making; teamwork with fellow students as well as staff; time management; assertiveness in ensuring goals are met; and many other skills as well!
·         Career guidance....Pauline has conducted some inspiring interactive activities during the past few weeks to give the girls correct career information and assist the girls to  establish goals identify the  steps required to achieving them. We have organised some women as guest speakers to share their stories. These women are working or are still at College but have practical advice and interesting stories to help our girls broaden their visions and give insight into the reality of what might lie ahead.
These are just a few examples of what is happening. I will endeavour to share the activities as they continue to unfold!

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