7-8 January Staff Days @ SEGA.

My day began farewelling Alison, Caroline and Adrian who had spent the last 3 days hiking in the beautiful Uluguru Mountains, as we tried in vain to get a taxi to take the 3 of them through the heavy rain to the bus depot and then on to Dar and Mtwara.
Peter collected me but it was a very slippery trip along my track back to the Dodoma road as it had been raining heavily all night.
SEGA was looking fresh and green. The vegetation was inviting. I reflected on Graduation day in early December when I had last seen SEGA. Not only were the students and teachers exhausted but so was the land. Then it was parched, dry and dusty. Today life was abundant in anticipation of a new productive year ahead. The new buildings stood proudly showing off their newly painted walls. I could almost feel its excitement/apprehension in anticipating 30 girls bedding down in its new dorm and another 24 girls beginning their Form 2 studies on Tuesday.

Our day was spent planning, setting schedules, dealing with and sorting through small and larger challenges. This process was repeated again the following day. Saturday, however, was shared with the returning and new staff and Polly.
Stephen, Grace, Naomi, Pauline, Meshack, Polly
 Salome, Fran, Stephen, Grace, Naomi, Meshack, Matron
Returning staff = Headmistress: Salome teaching Kiswahili; Academic Master: Meshack teaching Physics/Maths; Learning Advisor: myself teaching English and Life Skills; Discipline Master: Grace teaching Biology/Chemistry; Sports Master: Stephen teaching Geography/History;   New staff = Communications/Administration Assistant: Naomi; School Counsellor: Pauline teaching Life Skills.
The days were productive, nurturing a very positive feeling amongst all of us towards the year ahead. 
 Polly, Headmistress: Solome
Sharing laughter as well as skills during an intensive day of preparation.

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