Karibu. Welcome.

Peter our driver had done the rounds of collecting all the staff and squashed all 6 people into the little Suzuki made to travel 4 people max!! We arrived safely at SEGA to find the girls busily cleaning their school environment and preparing for the start of term. Some girls slashed the long grass; others cleaned the classrooms and relocated equipment to its rightful place.The school was a hive of activity.

After morning tea break we assembled in the new canteen bunda. Form 1 and Form 2, dressed in full school uniform, all the teaching staff and Polly enjoyed formally welcoming the new year by singing the national and school anthems and sharing words of wisdom and hope.....All this was done in Kiswahili....even Polly's talk...very impressive Polly.....(the only address done in English was mine!!....maybe next year there might be a few Kiswahili sentences!! Atleast I was able to understand some of the speeches and I sang along with the anthems...not a bad start really!)
It was a friendly, welcoming assembly followed by a productive afternoon of planning and preparation, catching up with the girls and sharing the excitement of the Form 1's exploring their dormitory.
I climbed onto the top bunk in the middle of their dorm and each girl was sitting on their own bed waiting for me to acknowledge them and their bed which defined their own space at SEGA....Their huge smiles filled their beautiful faces. I had to climb nearly every bunk and share their excitement. It was so contagious. I am really looking forward to being with all of them this year. The Form 2's are also excited to have the new girls living on site with them.

 Elena and Polly with the Form 1 Girls
 Form 1's collecting linen for their Dormitory
 Blue blankets....yes the nights do get cool!

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  1. :) I am thinking you must be shorter than every single one of your new Form 1's Fran. :)

    Fun and games here - no mess Lana to marry on April 16th - THIS YEAR. Venue booked, dress bought!!

    Keep the blogs coming. x Lynn


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