Zanzibar.....A tropical island holding wonderful memories for me!

I arrived in Zanzibar on December 12 then departed on January 3rd .....The time in between was truly spent in Paradise!
I have given you Wendy's blog link because she covers most of the things we did. Thanks Wend!
I will attempt to share my experiences in pictures. The emotions which go with the pics make it hard for me to explain the precious times I had. Christmas was heaven sent as Gemma and I connected and shared three whole days together. Meg and George were with us as well as an unending stream of my dear friends from here in Tanzania. We all decided that Zanzibar was the place to be for Xmas/New Year.
I was so happy to have had my two lives entwined for a few brief, unforgetable days

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Mae, Zoe, Hazel

Wendy and her babies

Wendy on wheels weilding wonderful water...(NO just was our Xmas/New Year supply of Kili's!)
Xmas Eve party playing Werewolf
Xmas Breakfast after vacating Wendy's house @ midnight due to sewerage blockage...."...and So This Is Christmas..!
Sharing Chrissy Pressies @ the hotel...Thankfully it was run by Christians and everyone shared the Christmas spirit too!
Finally Gem, Meg and Goerge arrived and we did Chrissie pressies @ Archipelagoes the quaint little cafe overlooking Stonetown shores.
Our adopted Christmas Tree @ Memories!....I still couldn't believe Gem was actually with me!
George, Meg and Gem...Sharing traditional Tanzanian food.
Christmas lunch. 2010. Tanzanian style.
Spice tour on the Spice Island.
Fresh Cinnamon....the smell will always remind me of you Bloss. I have kept this piece!

Me and My Girl! I  love this pic!
Ndazis (bananas for those of you who don't know!)
Nanasi (pinespple)

George, Gem, Me, Meg.
Princess Fran and Princess Mae!
Kissing my frog made from ndazi leaves...hoping to find my Prince Charming!

Christmas Cheers
Wendy and I toasting to all our family and friends @ Xmas Dinner: Indian Restaurant.
Boxing Day: To Prison Island to see the tortoises......
  ....laze on the beach..... chocolate brownie chapaties....
Setting off to Prison Island and the Sand bank where we snorkelled and swam....snorkelled....then swam again...and basically lazed in the sun all day!!!
Wendy, Me and Mae wearing and showing our Xmas gifts from Gem and the girls...Pashminas from turkey and sweets and 101 ways to wear my kanga...Thanks girls....we love them!
My three gorgeous girls: Meg, Gem and George enjoying the ambience before dining waterside.

The two of Us

Farewell dinner with the other safari travellers on tour with the girls. This lot had finished their section of the tour and new people were taking their seats as the tour continued south into Africa after they left Zanzi. A great fun bunch of people. I am so pleased I got to know them during the two days we share with them.
Learning about the tortoises surrounding Zanzibar.

Sadie lifting the Whale rib....Go Muscles!!

Lisa, Amanda and Wendy relaxing in our favourite restaurant during the hottest part of the day...the water was just below us so a di to cool off was easy to reach....The coffee was the best in Nungwi and the owner a good friend of Wendy's!

Sunset on New Year's Eve in Nungwi.
Pina Coloda's....toasting my family and Tracey's!
New Year's Eve dinner of freshly caught fish.....on the Nungwi beach.
Wendy and Hermedy
Jacquelin who had come from Holland for a 2 week holiday and Andre who finished his Volunteer stay and returned to Holland with Jacquelin just after New Year. We will miss you Andre.
Adrian and Caroline. VSO in Mtwara.
Crazy Mae and Me
Franz in Zanz in Tanz for New Year!
The Party Gang....Dancing the old year out and the New Year in....So much Fun!!!
Andre, Sadie, Tracey, Belle, ME, Mike

Wendy chilling out fin our fav spot @ Lang Lang's .... catching up on her blog
Eating cheaply on typical Tanzanian food at the night market: Fordahani. Waiting for our sensational pizzas to cook.
An amazing selection of seafood .....YUM!

Boxing Day picnic lunch on Prison Island.
Renee, Sine, Mae, Me, Meeaka

Nungwi Happy Hour...Cocktails all around.

Watching beach football whilst sipping our cocktails

Renee and Me as the sunsets!
Gem was MY Christmas Present!

Stonetown beach before heading off on our Prison Island adventure.


  1. Wow Fran lots of amazing photos1 Looks like you've had a fabulous time. Lots of special memories made to treasure forever! xox

  2. What an amazing blog Fran - we are so lucky that you are such a diligent traveller. So lovely to see you and Gemma sharing some special times.
    All well in Bacchus Marsh - but Qld and Brisbane now 75% flooded - a true disaster.
    Aussies rallying as always.
    xx lynn and arth.

  3. Thanks girls....
    I have only just got the Aussie news as I have been off line for nearly a week but had people asking my if my family were okay before I even knew what was going on!!...Is your sister ok Lynne?

  4. All fine with Deb -Luckily both her homes are up on hills similar to Trinity Beach - biggest danger will be falling trees, She is stuck at Boreen Point as highway is cut, but all is ok. Brisbane River expected to peak at 4am tomorrow, and death toll inland currently 12. Just so sad. Great to see Victorians who were burned out last year holding fundraising events to "return the favour". x Lynn

  5. Oh....such sadness. Glad Deb is safe. Thanks for the feedback. It's really hard to connect to the news most of the time as net time is precious and so many things to do with it that the news has to come second.


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