Wikiendi jana.....Last weekend!

This last weekend just came and went so quickly! By Friday my brain was overloaded. I had been able to get into town on Thursday as Salomé and I had to register our photos to enable us to collect parcels for SEGA’s PO Box (Please send care packages as I now know they do arrive..!)
Pole sana Polly! We had to abandon her on the side of Dodoma Rd due to her Ravs motor overheating, and catch a daladala instead. Fortunately, serious damage was avoided (no heart transplant needed like my poor old Trav!!)
I paid a much needed visit to the stationary shop, collected overdue supplies and proceeded to get organised.
No plastic pocket....No reinforced A4 folder paper....Oh Well.... a hole punch did help!
I was very happy to see Renee arrive Friday evening. Her holiday in Ethiopia had ended so she was returning to Dodoma from Dr. I knew then that I could unwind and relax. With her arrival the skies opened up!

Nearly an hour later we gingerly stepped our way along the dirt track to Dodoma Rd. Our track had turned into a soggy slippery mess and more than once nearly claimed our flimsy leather sandals! I decided I was safer barefooted. Much laughter was had by both ourselves and the locals bemused by our antics as they cleaned the water and mud out from their dukas.

Before we ate our much longed for Indian food at Oasis, we successfully messed their washroom sink trying to restore cleanliness!! Elena and Camilla’s wish to eat Chicken Tikka Masala one last time at Oasis before they leave, had been granted!

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