Week 2 @ SEGA

I am sitting on my bed safe from the mosquitoes writing by the light of my headlight. Yet again we are without power! This is becoming a regular occurrence as it was during the weeks leading up to December. Power goes off @ sunset and probably comes back on again around midnight. I’m not too sure on this but it’s usually on again by breakfast at 6.30am! When we realise it’s probably going to happen it’s not an issue as electrics can be charged ahead of time and candles/lights/torches are in supply (Thanks GT!) However, today I had used Kelly at school and hadn’t kept her charged. After returning from the pool (the swim we didn’t have because the pool was closed for cleaning!) power was off....so no Kelly tonight!
School has begun for the second week with the addition of a new Commerce/Book Keeping teacher Mija Abdul Mcujwa. Having just graduated from Dodoma Uni, he is a keen, friendly and welcome addition to the teaching staff.
The start of a school year, regardless of the school is always hectic....the challenges for me mainly involve being effective in communication with both the students and staff and adjusting to the differences in the pace of getting things done! All the staff this year are enthusiastic. We have shared a lot of laughter so far which augers for a cohesive year ahead although I still keep thinking “Next year must be easier than now!”
I am really lucky to still have Elena and Camilla working with me. They continue to be energetic and productive. Some of their energy is being channelled into preparing for their 6 weeks in India. Great work girls.

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