Sunday 9 January

The sun shone, Polly slaved over a hot stove, we made several trips back and forward to gather all necessary ingredients for the sensational pancakes we devoured during Breakfast which was shared together to celebrate everyone returning and the start of the year ahead. Shalin, who is doing some work for SEGA, joined us as well. Thanks Polly. It was great to all be together again. Sadly we recognised that Elena and Camilla only have 3 weeks left with us in Tanzania!
Returning to Whitie Housie/ Red Gatie....(which is what our house has become known when we are trying to explain our address to a taxi driver!!) Martha joined us. She delighted in helping wash Kehawa and eventually decorating Kehawa’s kennel. It’s such a joy to have a young person around.....their energy is never ending!'re the best...Kehawa loves your creative design!

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