Saturday 14 January. A trip to the Vet

It was time for Kahawa to get his shots! Good health for all of us is essential. But....WHERE was the Vet and HOW could we get Kehawa there??? After a lot of confusion and several attempts to solve this predicament (complicated by the arrival of the fundi who was organised to put screens and covers on our many unprotected windows), Peter, SEGA’s driver drove us all into town. Camilla sat in the front, as the proud Mum taking her baby on its first outing. Kehawa sat squashed into the shopping basket, his head peeping over the top. We were all excited but I was happy mainly because I was VERY keen to get these vaccination happening! Elena and Camilla had volunteered to take Kehawa to the Vet. They responded with typical parental emotion to Kehawa’s discomfort and crying!

Renee and I delighted in shopping the sokoni and Pira’s Cash and Carry (supermarket) before meeting the crew travelling Dar/Dodoma for lunch at Ricky’s Cafe. I hadn’t seen Liesbeth and Frederique since their return from South Africa in the New Year. With them travelled Fredrique’s parents from Holland who are staying in Tz for 2 weeks. It is always a pleasure meeting Vols family members.

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