24 January. So How Long is 5 minutes REALLY???!

Friday completed a very hectic 2nd week at SEGA. A productive staff meeting during the afternoon sorted out some of the pressures I had encountered. Hopefully next week will find me with time to get ‘organised’!
The realisation at 4.30pm that the last bus leaving Morogoro to Dodoma was at 5pm saw Polly and I racing from SEGA to whitiehouse/redgate for me to pack my bag in 2 minutes flat and arrive at the bus depot in time to board this final bus. Thanks Polly and Mchuwa for your help! After ½ hour wait I asked what time we were leaving.
“5 minutes”......This was nearly accurate.  However, we exited the bus depot, pulled into the service station, to leave ½ hour later! So 6pm I was on my way to Dodoma. At 9.30pm, after a safe moonlit journey, I arrived and was collected by Steve (taxi) then transported safely to Renee’s.  A friendly face and a home cooked dinner......I loved it!
Early Saturday, in the cool of the day we walked the 3km into town, leisurely shopped the sokoni (far more peaceful than at Morogoro), visited the tailor, bumped into friends and were home by midday.... calm, cool and peaceful.
Our relaxed arvo was completed by cooking dinner and fresh bread then sharing it that night with Mya and Kate.

We laughed our way through the card game: Cow Swap! Sue had called in earlier in the evening for a chat and a drink.
Sunday morning was relaxed as Renee and I chatted and drank copious cups of tea. Asante sana rafiki yangu.
Hoping to leave Dodo at 1 pm, I arrived early enough to get on a bus leaving around then. In fact, they had said it was leaving in 5 minutes when I bought my ticket. I made myself comfy at the window seat with the breeze and postioned on the shady side = All was good!
At 1.45 the bus almost left the depot then stopped....at 2.30 I asked when were we leaving.
 “In 5 minutes”
Between 2-3pm, Evie and the girls rang...Asante sana! You kept me sane!
3pm came; an announcement was made which resulted in an uproar. People stood up and got off the bus. No one onboard could tell me in English what was going on! The angry crowd stormed into the ticket office, and then this crowd poured out and back to the bus. People were angrily shouting as they crowded around the two bus conductors. Fists were shaken, voices raised, lots of pushing and shoving resulted, but fortunately no punches were thrown! Initially I had stayed on the bus with a handful of others. When they alighted, I had followed, but when a fight was imminent, I quickly got back on board! Eventually we were told that a refund would be given. Okay....I had to quickly find another bus...
”When is it leaving?”
“5 minutes...Saa tisa nanusu (3.30pm)”
Okay! I climbed on board.
Half an hour later we nearly left......another 15 minutes we actually left....only to pull into the petrol station!.....15 mins later we were on the road. 17 stops later (to load and unload people and luggage), saa kumi nanusu 4.30pm and I finally said  ”Kwaheri Dodoma”!
So ...How long did it take to get home?
Obviously 5 MINUTES!
The reason I needed to leave Dodoma at 1pm was to get off at SEGA....walk the 2km track and spend the evening with the girls. Elena and Camilla had slept Saturday night and I was to join them for their 2nd night sleepover! Unfortunately I was 5minutes late getting to the SEGA track! It was too dark to walk it alone so I had to travel into Kihonda, arriving at 8.30pm, and spend the night alone at home!

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  1. Oh dear - seems that question you asked is akin to "how long is a piece of string?"! I'm sorry that I giggled reading this; however frustrating it was, I hope you can laugh about it now!

    Be well!



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