Week 3. 24 January.

Having caught the bus to school, I arrived in time for Assembly. Monday and Friday mornings the girls sing the National Song and the SEGA School Song so it is a nice start to the week.
 Morning assembly
On Saturday we had transported the big bookcase from our house to the school with the anticipation of setting up the Library and Counselling office. Elena and Camilla guided Naomi through the Excel program we had devised to create an inventory of our Library books. Together they collated and created a useable, functional Library of books alongside a friendly setting for Pauline to use as the Counselling room and office.
 Pauline and Naomi
Form 2 English girls continued to produce their versions of a SEGA school brochure nurturing their Word processing skills, editing pictures and learning a variety of functions on Kelly, my computer, to assist their production.
 Subira Word Processing.
Unfortunately, the 5 computers we have at the school are not functioning atm so Kelly is working overtime! It is a slow process but the girls are very quick at learning these IT skills!

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