28 January. A Treat....Hakuna Matata.....Thanks Morogoro International School

 “Attention Form 1, Today I am taking you on an adventure. At saa sita mchana (1pm) a coach will come to SEGA and take us to the International School swimming pool. We will swim then play in the playground, eat some food, drink juice then at saa tisa mchana (3pm) we will watch the production of The Lion King! The coach will bring you back to SEGA at saa kumi nanusu (4.30pm)”
Pandemonium broke out which got louder as the more fluent English speaking girls translated the info into Kiswahili and ALL the girls understood ALL the details!!
Mid morning I received a call from Paul (Int. School coordinator of transport) saying: Coach will arrive 1.30pm. This was good as it would give us time to eat lunch.
1.30pm: 27 excited girls sat expectantly waiting to see the dust along the track which would signify the coach approaching.....(A text message....We are 5 minutes away....”Oh No...I KNOW how long 5 minutes CAN be”!)
2pm: Dust is sighted....excitement gains momentum.
2.10pm: Coach pulls up.
Paul takes me aside. Pole sana but they filled the pool with chlorine this morning and swimming is not possible!
Oh dear....AND I HAD to tell the girls!
However, in true SEGA spirit they accepted their situation, still very excited to be climbing aboard the HOOD coach and continuing their adventure!!
2:45pm: Arriving we were met by Elena and Camilla. We sat on the grass under the shade of the huge tree, the girls happily eating hot dogs and drinking juice. Many of our girls had never eaten them before so we explained that they were very American (We didn’t try to explain what they might have been made from!!)

The Int. School’s production of The Lion King was in English so not the entire story was understood but the spectacle and the singing was pure entertainment and the fascination and delight on the girls’ faces was as much my entertainment as the show was!

Thank you Morogoro International School, for your generosity and for including us in your audience. We really loved sharing your hospitality and skills!
Home, exhausted....no food in the fridge or pantry as no one had had time to get into town.....
Polly to the rescue:
“Would you girls like to go to Dragonaires for dinner?”
“YES... X 3!!!”
And so we completed another big week celebrating with good food and great company......AND Elena and Camilla got to go to Dragonaires one last time!

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