A satisfying Sunday!

I woke Sunday morning to find Alex making bread for breakfast. Having taught them the process using yeast, before we went to sundowners the previous day, Alex was keen to give it a go! He only killed one batch of yeast but restarted and produced two perfect wholemeal loaves which we ate for lunch as Mama Pili unexpectedly treated us with her chapattis for breakfast! So spoilt!
Chukula za asubuhi:  Mama Pili's chapati's
Domestic Lachy catching up on his washing! 

Alex the Baker! 
 Hongera...nzuri sana!...
We spent Sunday arvo out at SEGA much to the delight of the girls. Heaps of fun and laughter resulted as the frisbies, donated by the Carey Grammar kids, were hurled from boys to girls and back! The sidewalk chalk, also a gift from Carey, was used to draw hopscotch on the canteen floor and a string of girls challenged me for an hour or more.

It was difficult to drag ourselves away. “Stay for chukula jioni..Pleeeease…?!” Their Sunday special of Pilau was tempting but, after 100 photo shoots, we extracted ourselves from their clutches and Peter finally drove us towards home.

Regardless of what is happening at SEGA the girls have to complete their tasks.....Sunday washing!
 Baba Yona is always amongst the action!
A quick Tz meal at Mambo club was planned (I should have remembered that QUICK is not a word usually associated with Tz!!) before the boys headed out to the Disco with Mustafa. TWO hours and a few bia baridi sana later, our kuku and chipsie arrived!!

Oh Well!!

A late, interesting experience at the disco eventuated!
Bags were eventually packed by candlelight and farewells were bidden Monday morning as my two dear Aussie/ African sons departed for a week on Zanzibar.

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