A teacher's confession!

During week 5 all subject teachers have been setting mid term exams. My exam was given last week when I was in Dar. Thanks Naomi!
Wednesday was a holiday and I spent the entire day catching up on corrections, planning, responding to emails...sometimes it's sooo good not to have to go anywhere! I always manage to achieve heaps on days like this.
Settled into my favourite spot, curled up on the chair outside, accompanied by Kehawa and all the happy singing birds...(and the roosters non-stop crowing next door!!), I had marked 10 of the 32 papers when my phone rang. I had left it inside so ventured in to answer it. Later I stood chatting to Loveness and Kulwa, my wonderful new housegirl whom Loveness (Polly's house girl) was training.
As I walked outside I was confronted with a very guilty looking Kehawa and one of my papers strewn from one end of the house to the other!!!!!!!!!!!
OH DEAR......
I frantically collected all the pieces and spent ages trying to sticky tape it back together. I was so grateful that I had already marked this paper so had her results recorded!
Red faced.....I had to explain what had happened to the whole class on Thursday as I handed their papers back!!! They know and love Kehawa. We have been using a picture of him to learn descriptive words. His picture was actually on the test paper so we decided that he just wanted to get a closer look at what Nuru had written about him!!!
So after all these years of having students tell me that their dog ate their homework???!!!......I too, had to use this excuse.....albeit truthfully!!!

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  1. Hahahaha!! I am so sorry but I had to laugh at this one! Having been given this excuse a number of times over the years I think its priceless that it actually happened to a teacher! Especially on whom I admire greatly! Oh well as you say its the truth and at least you had already marked that paper!!! Bet it gave everything something to laugh about! xoxo


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