Kwa Heri Elena and Camilla.

Many of you know that I am not good at saying farewell....neither are the girls @ SEGA! Our four months with Elena and Camilla have been filled with laughter, fun, non-stop action, friendship, love and giving. To experience a time like this was priceless and created beautiful memories but to let go of the two who generated the momentum has hurt.

 Stephen the MC

 Everyone was hurting as the departure became reality.
 A lighter moment:Form 2 acting our their very funny, very long (actually it was 5 minutes long!) play.
 Nina Kupenda.
Monday afternoon became a bit more formal than planned as each class sang and danced the then cried their way through the farewells.
Having learned my own coping skills, I have had to work gently with the Form 1 & 2’s to help them focus on the good times, not the hole they felt they were in and the sadness they were experiencing.
Thank you Elena and Camilla for being you and for bringing such joy to all of us. You have been inspiring role models and sincere friends. You are already missed but we know your 6 weeks in India, followed by 2 months in China, will bring more wonderful life experiences. Stay safe and happy.
 Farewell Elena, Helena (sadly she is leaving us too) and Camilla.
 Signing my Aussie flag and the girls Tz headlight and candlelight!
Early Tues morning Polly collected the girls and headed to Dar.


  1. awww Fran love you too!! thanks for this post, makes us miss you a ton! we'll be back!!!xxx

  2. I know you will....Love you heaps. xxxxx


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