4 February. Aussie boys meet SEGA girls.

Thursday we caught the bus to SEGA. Assembly concluded with the the girls welcoming the boys with a warm rendition of their ‘Welcome Visitors’ song and dance.
Again our International visitors shared a short Nature walk. This time our aim was to increase our descriptive vocab of the animals we found.....and again, our visitors were befriended by the Form 1’s.

As we returned to school along the track, the girls sang happily for the boys.
Form 2 were intrigued with the 2 Aussie boys and their families! They spent time sharing information about their lives in Australia, answering questions (“Do they have girlfriends?”....was one of the questions from the girls!)  as well as questioning the girls about their lives here in Tz.

Songs and dances were followed by Alex and Lachy being escorted to Chai, seated easily amongst the girls and being treated to Mama Cook’s mandazis.

Perfect!! Win/Win for everyone.
Our Lucy was so excited to know that Alex’s younger sister’s name is Lucy and has sought her friendship as a pen pal. It must go with the name as both Lucy’s are darling girls. I’m sure a lovely friendship will develop.
The boys headed off to explore the town. Later we sat by traditional Moro candlelight and devoured 2 loaves of freshly baked homemade bread and huge bowls of freshly made tomato soup followed by fresh sweet rounds of pineapple.

Oh it was so nice having African sons to share my life. 
It was just like having my own boys here!

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