A snapshot of the staff at SEGA

 Skill sharing.....great teamwork. 
Pauline is our Counsellor and teaches Life skills with me. She is very passionate about what she does. The girls love her easy going, warm, caring nature which is an asset in establishing a genuine rapport and trust with the girls. She is fun loving and takes this approach into her classes which are always full of laughter and animated discussion. She has a natural ability to draw the girls into participating and not just listening. Naomi is team teaching with her and is learning many positive teaching skills from her. I know we are going to be a great team together.
L-R: Meshack, Babu Yona, Grace, Peter, Pauline, Mgonja, Steven.
 Chai, mkate and peanut butter
....this is usually an easy going, relaxed and casual gathering.
Now that the staff is more evenly weighted with both famales and males, the topics of discussion have been varied. Usually they start out in Kiswahili as general chat but when it gets animated I will put my hand up and say..."Cut me in!"....and they continue in English so that I can contribute and share the fun!
 Serious discussion happening!.... 
Or are the girls just stirring the boys?
...which is typical staffroom banter in any school I have been in!
 Matron...listening quietly as always.
 Mgonja has recently joined us ....thankfully! He is teaching English and Civics and has been warmly welcomed by the girls.....and by me! This means that the extra classes I have been carrying are no longer all my responsiblity! As hectic as they were....I loved being in the classroom with the girls! But it is much easier now for me to focus on my own responsibilities

 Driver Peter fueling up!
 SEGA is not on the electricity service grid. However with the installation of solar power at SEGA I can always be guaranteed that I will have power. This is amazingly reassuring!
Naomi at work in the library

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