Alex and Lachy sleep out at Morning Side...chilling with the local Tz.

Having organised a hike and sleep out for the boys with Mustafa, the boys headed off early Friday am to experience 2 days in the care of the local Tanzanian boys.
/Hiking into Choma, swimming at the Falls, hiking further into the mountains to their overnight destination of /Morning Side, Tanzanian food, fresh fruit straight off the trees, conversations dominated by /Kiswahili and broken English (which means that you are never quite sure what is really being said or agreed upon!!)

*At school, Friday afternoon, I was warmly welcomed into the religion class. It was in full swing as I returned from lunch. Again, I was emotionally moved at the beauty and passion emanating in their song and dance. Having an extra class of girls this year intensified the quality and volume of their singing. It was lovely to see Upendo and some of the other new girls take the lead on several of their songs. This time I was invited to share their prayer time and was asked to do a reading. A simple sign of acceptance.

Smiling, dusty and satisfied the boys returned full of stories to share, grateful to have glimpsed the real people and their humble lives.

Sundowners at Pascal’s bar just near Mama Pili’s shack at the end of our track, was a fitting end to a hot and rewarding day. Alex and Lachy got to hang out with me and our friendly Tz DJ, Pascal and our bargirl, Happy.
 Photographing Morning Side in the Uluguru Mountains from my side fence
 Chatting to one of the locals.

The view of the Mountains from near my red gates
The view of the house from the same spot!
Pascal, Happy, Lachy and Alex doing sundowners in the outdoor bar at the end of our dirt, video clips....and Tuskers baridi sana....What more could one want?! 

Another typical Tanzanian encounter.
On arriving home, the boys ate their way through nearly two loaves of the fresh bread whilst waiting for the veg lasagna to cook.

Oh what a treat to have hungry, growing boys around again! ...Not sure if my Vols allowance would support them for long though!!

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