Tuesday, 11th May.....Getting ready to go to France!...and Flight changes!

Yesterday, in between loads of washing....I went into Hamburg Hauptbanhof (central station) and booked my train trip to France. I leave tomorrow morning, Wed 12th May from Hamburg Hbf at 6:18 ...arrive in Basel Switzerland, platform #2 @ 12:55 then have to hurry and find platform #14 as the train to Geneva leaves @ 13:03.....  8 MINUTES turnaround.....mmmmmm...I will have my skating shoes on but atleast I have realised that I need to move quickly, otherwise ...??
Arriving at Geneva I have a whole 12 minutes (Yes Gem....I did tell you it was a QUICK visit!) to find the departing train and my ticket doesn't tell me which platform... I can tell I am going to be asking a lot of questions. Maryvonne, my friend with whom I am staying in France has emailed me some relevant words to help me with this task... I can tell already it's going to be a fun, first time negotiating the Eurail, trip for me!...I didn't realise that I needed to book a seat on the TGV from Lyon to St Etienne so will head in again to sort this out...maybe they can check which platform I depart Geneva from? I roll into Lyon @ 18:47 (providing I have managed to successfully achieve all the changeovers!) ....I will try and keep you posted on my travels.......

Atleast I am organised, have packed my bag and am looking forward to dining out locally with GT tonight.

Whilst I'm focusing on travel....I have changed things slightly....
Having arrived in Hamburg later than planned.... I decided to extend my visit and stay on @ GT's Querstrasse penthouse for a bit longer! My return to Melbourne will still be via Dubai!....Having been denied the chance to explore, albeit unexpected and unplanned, this amazing city, I am going to stop over for a few nights on this return flight and have a bit of fun! I was drawn in by this highly energetic and pallacious city and am taking the chance to experience it through tourist eyes this time and not the eyes of a stranded traveller!!!...It's on the way home so...'Why Not'!....
For the record and for those of you who might need to know, my flights are as follows:

Monday 14 June: Depart: Hamburg: 15:25 Flight EK Emirates 0060. Arriving: Dubai: 23:40 (....mmmmm didn't realise it was arriving so late....I might have to sleep at the airport....apparently it's not that bad!...No Mum, just kidding!)
Friday 18 June: Depart Dubai: 10:10 Flight EK Emirates 0406. Arriving: Melbourne: Sat 19 June: 5:30 (hopefully someone might take pity on me and collect me from Tulla!....I'm giving you plenty of time to think about it atleast...AND.... I was considerate making it a SATURDAY arrival!   :-)))))

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