5th May...Hamburg..domesticity!

So it was my turn to catch up on a few zzzzzzzzzzz's but the washing had to be done and I couldn't remember how to work the machines (all instructions in German)...so I had to get out of bed before GT went to work and have him show me how they work....with each cycle 1 1/2 hrs long....and 3 loads to do...my day was programmed to basically be indoors....which was fine by me! Apart from a quick trip to the Penny Mart to buy some washing powder, I enjoyed chilling, eating, blogging..I took some time to Skype Evie, Mum and Dyl....so nice to hear their voices and share their news....I hope those first year Outdoor Ed kids in Bendigo tomorrow appreciate that they have an A+ instructor at their fingertips Dyl!!!....The apartment looked like a Chinese laundry but was full of character as I left it behind to power walk the waterside for 1 1/2 hrs...thawing my feet amd getting a much needed workout before GT finished work @ 19:00....we farewelled an enormous Cruise ship as the sun was still shining down on us... then we made our way back home for dinner of Thai takeaways and a relatively early night...!


  1. St Paul's is such a wonderful building. Great shots of it.
    Love Evie

  2. Just a note to say we love you and
    so amazed at the wonderful things your experiecing...


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