Saturday 1st May...London with Gemma

Having woken earlier than Gem, I popped around the corner to Queensway and bought Gem some fruit and sustenance for when she awoke. I then walked the Portobello Road Market as it was a glorious morning, sun shining and I was happy to get some exercise. The Market is only held on a Saturday and was as good as everyone kept telling me...When I reached the other end, I turned around to meander back, and was swamped by the 100's and 100's of people who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere!!! It was almost as if a Cruise ship had dropped them all off....there were waves of them.. some in relax mode but many pushing and shoving hoping to get the best deals/ viewings etc....It took me nearly 3 times longer to get back to the beginning of the Road....I guess it all added character to the atmosphere and allure of the world famuous Portobello Road Market. The walls of one of the clothing stores were lined with 1000's of old Singer sewing machines...It was very impressive and reminded me that England is so much older than Australia and thus, access to this quantity of memorabilia is possible!
On returning to the hotel, Gemma and I packed up and walked aroung the corner to the Park Royal, which is where I will camp until I leave London. We caught the Tube to Harrods.....and this part of our time together became one of the highlights for us....Firstly we wandered through Harrods, marvelling at the fact that we were there together, then chose a little cafe across the road so we coud watch the hustle and bustle, enjoy the ambience and sunshine, and wine and dine on a much needed lunch of Vegetarian Calzone and salad. We were very content to sit there for ages, chatting, before we went back into Harrods for a wonder and to shop!

Our afternoon became a bit confusing trying to find the Hummingbird Cupcake Backery...we didn't find it but walked the scenic route back to the Hotel. Gemma collected her bags and we manouvered and carried the very bulky, heavy suitcase, up and down the Tube staiways...finally connecting with Rhi. We departed at Baker Street station as they were heading out to Heathrow Airport and I was going to make my way to Brick Road ....but the skies had SERIOUSLY openend up...Not having any wet weather gear with me, I got back on The Tube and dined in Bayswater at a lovely Italian restaurant just around the corner from my hotel.

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