Saturday 22 May: Day #1 with Moulins..

Having finished late last night tasting local brandy and grappa....and catching up on each family’s news....the thick black coffee was a welcome start to my day!

Bernard took me walking through the sunny streets to Boulevard de la Croix – Rousse where the biggest market in Lyon was teeming with people and every food you can imagine... An obliging French cheese selling gentleman posed for a photo with the Aussie girl! Merci!....We wandered down through narrow little streets where children played, passed the Big Rock with its wonderful view over Lyon from the working hill, and eventually passed Edith’s school: College Maurice Sceve. Up 4 flights of stone stairs in time for lunch: salad, tabouli, steak, cheeses, dessert and French vino! Yum!.The view down over Lyon is extensive as they are situated high on the hill so life is quiet compared with many other apartments above the numerous cafes and restaurants which never seem to close!
Our adventure into the Beaujolais wine area was filled with sunshine. We wound our was through undulating countryside... spectacular fields displaying varied shades of green and yellow then kilometre after kilometre of grape vines created distinct lined paddocks. It was so lush and productive.... field after field drawing us further into this wonderland of wines!

Stopping at Oingt, a town steeped in history, we wandered through the narrow streets and visited Chateau vieux d’Oingt (Old Castle of Oingt) where we took advantage of the extensive view down over the patchwork of fields.
Next destination was to be Ste Paule....try as we did, we didn’t end up there as we took the scenic route (no surprise with me on board!) and wound up and down and around the forested range through quainty little towns... Thieze, Pouilly, le Monial. Desperately needing petrol we came upon the Tour de Beaujolais...tough cycling country...and finally found a petrol station near Liergues. Voila!....just nearby was Oedoria winery. We were welcomed by a friendly bunch of locals so we joined them to enjoy their wines, local cheeses..fascination at having an Aussie in their midst...Laughter and fun memories....we eventually left with some of their wares!

Dinner with the Oedoria wine then on with our walking shoes as we headed off on a memorable night in the ‘City of Lights’. We walked from the top of Croix-Rousse...down a long cobbled, narrow street into the heart of the Old town which we had walked with Maryvonne and Bernard during the daytime.

Familiar historic sites and buildings were lit up taking on a different, very special beauty.

A romantic, warm, Spring night on a long weekend was shared by many, many people. We indulged in an ice-cream to give us energy to achieve the long, long ascent back up to the top of the Working Hill....

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