Thursday, 13 May. A guided (with the best guides in France) walking tour of Lyon

It is after midnight on Friday 14th May....and I have onlly just managed to access the internet so I am going to give you a brief outline of the last 2 days and will fill in the detail when I have more time!!!
8:30 Breakfast with Maryvonne then a quick visit to the Market square across the road from their home. Friendly and welcoming...very interested in the Australian much so that the lovely Apple Man gave me a complimentary bottle of his special apple juice!

9:30 Off to Lyon. Jean Lucien has a broad knowledge and an amazing memory for detail of everything so my guided tour was extremely informative. Architecture, history, dates, facts and figures and many intriguing bits of random information were shared. Between Maryvonne and Jean Lucien my head was spinning and I was right in the thick of another huge learning curve and breath taking adventure.
We drove the streets then parked the car and walked for many hours......ate.....walked again

.............then met Fredreich, their daughter and shared the walk and a coffee with her. 
We were thankful that she had her car as she was able to drive us up the VERY step hill to where we had left the car.

Back to St Etienne...or St Priest which is more correct, as they live right on the line which divides the two suburbs...
We had bought some salad, ham, strawberries from the Market so finished our day with a typical light French dinner and celebrated with wine mixed with a liquer...A drink concocted by a local Bishop if I remember rightly!!.
With the alarm set for 5:50...I fell asleep at midnight having fallen in love with Lyon....

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