Attenzione.....!!!......I'm back....!!

Buongiorno.....So sorry to all of you who have been waiting patiently (?) for my next adventure but I have been living in another world without reliable internet....Just like the old goodness, HOW DID WE COPE?!

 Yes I am in Italy!...Firenze actually.....Florence to all Aussie speaking people. My Hotel has Wifi...and I had promised myself I would get back here early enough to update some happenings but....Florence by night is so romantic and she just drew me in with her magic and charm!....So consequently it is very late once again and I need all my energy to get down and up flights of steps with my getting heavier luggage...
(Gem, I have thought of you often...wishing I had someone else to help me!), squash in a bit more tourist stuff before I train it to Como, via Milan, tomorrow arvo.
I have been keeping a written journal so will soon be up to date but very briefly....this has been my sequence of adventuring:
Saturday 22 May: Day #1 with Edith and Bernard and son, Alexander. Walked their beautiful precinct around Croix Rousse, before heading to the wine growing country of Beaujolais wines. Finishing with a night walk of the old town of Lyon!
Sunday 23 May: Day #2: Another day in the country much to my delight but very different....flat, marshy lush productive crop growing area arriving at Pérouges, a Medieval town restored to it's living splendour and in use today! The day ending in fine French food and wine with the family at their local French restaurant. Bon apetité!
Monday 24 May: Breakfast and reluctant farewells to the Moulins....Journeyed to Vienne. A day with Brenier family exploring..Farewell Frederique. Home to St Preist via Mt Pilat...passed where we had hiked the week prior.
Tuesday 25 May: A day trip hiking in the French Alps!!! Definitely a highlight for me! Shared dinner with friends...Maryvonne is a very good French cook
Wednesday 26 May:  Sad farewells!! :-( Train journey to another world very close to heaven...Cinque Terre, Italy via Cote d'Azur! What a story....but you will have to wait for it cos it's just too long!
Thursday 27 May: A magical day of hiking the rugged coastline of Cinque Terre between Riomaggiore and Monterossa....Definitely another adventure I will never forget!
Friday 28 May: A pending train strike in Italy ...another story....but I changed my plans from hiking another day in CT and jumped on the first train to Florence....
....So here I am.....needing some Brutysleep....but exhilarated and loving this steep learning curve!


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