19 May...Paris...HERE I COME!!!

Hi all.....I have been off line for all of my time in Paris and have finally managed to access WiFi.....I have given a very brief outline of my amazing visit to Paris...A whirlwind 3 days, 2 nights which felt like 6 days and 2 nights.....My days and nights were jam packed and when I got to the end of the 2nd day...(2:00 on the 3rd day actually....!!!)I couldn't believe that I had only been in Paris for such a short time....It was exhilarating and so beautiful. Being blessed with sunshine and perfect walking weather I was in my element!.....

• TGR Train direct from St Etienne 10:00. to Paris. 12:50. Fast. Beautiful undulating countryside
• Arrive Gare de Lyon: Huge station. Very old facade. Scenic route to old but comfy hotel Hotel Paris just around corner from Gare de Lyon
• Poured over tourist brochures and Maryvonne’s suggestions
• Overwhelming but decided to book for Versailles and Moulin Rouge because I knew I really wanted to do those 2 things!
• Walked along La Seine: Left Bank: many, many single sellers in their green little boxes!..books, memorabilia, people and more happy people, cafes, a majestic river: The Seine.... sunshine...happy, happy, happy Franciose!

•I think I experienced a delayed reaction to being in Paris! Stunned...not sure where to start!
• Having asked directions it was suggested a visit to International tourist bureau would be a good start: helpful...booked night river cruise then Moulin Rouge for Thurs pm. Obtained tickets to Louvre and Versailles
• Needed to stop and take it all in...TIME OUT... Baguette and Rose (as promised Evie and GT) @ a gorgeous sidewalk cafe overlooking Louvre and Le Seine.

• Bought L'Open Tour(Hop on Hop off 2-day bus tour)ticket
• 1st journey: Green route= Paris Grand tour...
• Louvre

• Pont Neuf @ point of Island on which Notre Dame is nestled
• Notre Dame
• Along Left bank

• Crossed Rhone on Pont de la Concorde around Place de la Concorde and monument
• Travelled Avenue Des Champs Elysees...magical!

• Circled Arc de Triomphe
• Circled Trocadero to its fountains and gardens

• THEN.....THERE IT WAS.....MY LIFETIME DREAM........RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!!!! Such excitement for me.....
• Bus toured around Tour Eiffel, 17:00 @ which stop I alighted with many others.

• I hadn’t planned a evening/night visit but to my immense delight....It became one of my very favourite Paris encounters!
•Text messagess sent home...middle of night in Aussie...(.Evie msgd back..so sorry to wake you but thanks heaps...) Phone call to GT...tears of joy, disbelief and excitement that I was actually at Tour Eiffel!!
• Magical ride to 2nd floor...pics....top deck....took my breath away! ...I stayed long enough to watch a moving, memorable sunset over Paree....I was again on top of the world and in emotional heaven!!

• 22:30....Tour buses had stopped. 1st time negotiating Metro. Just like London really but had to search for an English speaking person for assistance...arrived @ Gare d'Austerlitz..walked across the bridge to Gare de Lyon. Gorgeous cafe for dinner. Ceasar Salad and a large red wine...mistake made because I didn't read the French menu carefully...I guess I didn't have to drink it all but.....I was in PAREE...so I celebrated....!
 •To Hotel Paris to try and wind down and sleep...sleep came VERY quickly!

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