13 October. Day 3 Language school

Hopefully I will emerge from this fog of language that I am learning and be able to actually converse in Swahili! I have been exposed to so many new verbs, nouns and combinations of words/letters which change the sentences/words into totally different meanings then something else changes when it becomes a question/plural/you/me/them etc......When I am looking at the words and sentences it makes sense but as soon as I  try to converse...it goes right out of my head!!
I guess this is nothing new to those of you who have learned another language but the speed at which we are moving through the rules seems pretty fast to this old brain and..... my memory isn't as quick as it used to be! They keep telling me that this time next year I will look back and laugh!!!.......mmmmmmm... Oh Well! I am trying to remember that it is all a part of the adventure and that I am only at the end of DAY #3!!!
The weather is kind here as the days don't seem too humid or hot, maybe around 30C.  Tracey, Sadie and I have just caught the daladala into town and successfully found our way to Oasis Hotel where we have booked the group in for dinner. I am rather proud of myself as I managed to lead us directly there having been explained the way by Renee on Sunday. The hottest time of day has passed and it is starting to cool down. It is very similar to the dry season in TNQ so very familiar to me.
Life is pretty simple for all of us. We have simple but clean shared rooms (although I have a room to myself as there is an uneven number of females and I opted to let the others share), 2 shared showers and toilets in each wing. Each wing has 10 bedrooms. The four wings surround a central courtyard in which the Gospel singers were singing on Sunday. I am on the second floor which opens out onto a balcony overlooking this courtyard. We have a simple laundry where we handwash our clothes. The grounds proudly display manicured lawns and peaceful gardens where we sit and relax, usually with a Kili beer before dinner starts @ 6.30pm!
Evenings so far have been set aside for revision and relaxation. The group is easy going and heaps of fun so there is never a dull moment. There is the same mix of personalities/characters as you would find in any class....the naughty boys (of course..no naughty girls!)...the fast, keen learners,.... the ones who are a few steps behind (that's me!)... and lots of bantering and support and praise of all efforts made! Mama J, Asia and Benji are wonderfully patient teachers!
A great way to learn!


  1. Wow Fran - what an amazing start! It's so good to hear about all your adventures so far. I've been checking your blog regularly but you hadn't updated it till now. I can't wait to see photos - your new home sounds amazing and you write so well - it's easy to live the experiences with you (are you sure there's no hidden journo in you :) Definitely the makings of a good book. I look forward to the next installment! Lots of love and best wishes - Abbie and Ki. P.S we light your candles and burner every night :)

  2. Hey....so great to hear from you. It's pretty hard not having my own internet connection but that's only temp. Thinking of you all. xxx


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