Saturday 23 October. Last day of Language school

As you all know, I am not good at farewells and today marks the end of our Language school training. The morning session for our group was spent revising verbs but also involved a practical discussion about negotiating the bus terminals.
Left: Andre (Pembe), Mama J, Fe (Dodoma)
I am relieved that Mama J has alerted me to some of the challenges I will inevitably encounter! Five of the Vols had organised a guide to take them hiking up through the mountains to the waterfalls. Initially I was disappointed that I couldn’t go as my foot would not have survived the distance but....realising that language tutors are expensive and I had lots to learn, I changed my disappointment into productive energy. The mountains are going to be at my backdoor during the whole 2 years I am here!
Group evaluations were completed, teachers awarded us with certificates and new notebooks and sang us their farewell songs after which we reluctantly farewelled the departures.
Left: Hazel(near Mtwara), Mama J, Wendy(Zanzibar) Fe(Dodoma), Elizabet(Dodoma),
Left: Fe, Wendy, Christine, Alain, Hazel, Mai, Susan, Tasmyn, Fredrique,Meaghan, Andre, Aquilin.

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